Presentations and Posters at International Conferences (2023)









HEP2023, Valparaiso 9 -13 January Status of SND@LHC Sergey Kuleshov Saphir
CERN Detector Seminar 25 January Design and performance of SND@LHC Cristovao Vilela LIP
Lake Louise, Alberta 19 -24 February Status of SND@LHC Martina Ferrillo Zurich
LISHEP 2023, Rio de Janeiro 5-10 March abstract sent Nuno Leonardo LIP
CERN Neutrino Platform Pheno Week 13-17 March abstract to be sent    
Workshop on Neutrino Event Generators, Chicago 15-17 March to advertise    

57th Rencontre de Moriond, EW Interactions and
Unified Theories, La Thuile

18-25 March

SND@LHC and its first data

Ettore Zaffaroni


APS March Meeting, Las Vegas 5-10 March Monitoring of the SND@LHC detector performance in real time Rebecca Osar Arizona State University

International Conference on the Physics of the two Infinities, Kyoto

27-30 March

abstract accepted



Rencontres de Blois 2023

27-31 May

abstract sent



DIS 2023, Michigan

27-31 May

SND@LHC: the Scattering and Neutrino Detector at the LHC. Commissioning and its first data

Simona Ilieva


LHCP 2023, Belgrade

22-26 May

abstract sent



FPCP 2023, Lyon  29 May - 2 June abstract to be sent (Elena)  


Dark Matter 2023, Santander 29 May - 2 June abstract sent (Murat)  


The Mitchell Conference on Collider, Dark Matter, and Neutrino Physics 2023

16  - 19 May abstract sent (Murat)    
LLP 14, location to be announced 19-23 June to be announced soon    
IDM2023, 15th conference on the Identification of Dark Matter   does it take place this year?    
Thirtieth Anniversary Rencontres du Viet-Nam 6-12 August Antonia Di Crescenzo Napoli
EPS HEP 2023, Hamburg 21-25 August abstract to be sent (Elena)  


NUFACT 2023, Seoul 21-26 August abstract to be sent (Elena)  


TAUP 2023 28 August-1 September abstract sent (Murat)    
ICNFP 2023   no information yet (Elena)    
Quark Matter, Houston, Texas 3-9 September to be discussed    
TIPP 2023 4-8 September abstract sent (Murat)    
TeVPA 2023 11-15 September abstract sent (Murat)    
FIPs 2023  

no information yet

LHC Forward Physics Meeting  

no information yet

NUINT 2023   no information yet    
ICPPA 2023  

no information yet